How can I tell when MONQ is used up?




  • Jarrett Clifton

    My Monq taste a bit burnt, but it's only been about a week since I've had it. I can still smell the oils, but they seem burned or there's not enough? Is it either out of oils, or is there a problem with mine?

  • Eric Fishman, MD

    Hi Jarrett, 

    Possibly so.

    Please send a note to us from our contact us page and ask for a replacement.

  • Allaynia Tripp

    hi, my monq pen light is flashing and ive only used it for a week. What does that mean?


  • Eric Fishman, MD

    Hi Allaynia!

    Please email and let them know about this. They may need to replace it for you (no charge!)


    Thanks for letting us know.



  • zzzzzz

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